Natural Maca

Nuestro Alimento Sagrado / Our Sacred Food

Native of the Central Andes of Peru, Huerto Maria offers the true fruit of the Incas cultivated for 3,600 years. 

Resistant to hailstorms, frosts and prolonged droughts, our plant has not only a high nutritional value but also an incredible potential medicinal value. Maca has been used for years in traditional medicine to treat fertility problems, menopause and rheumatism symptoms. In recent years, Maca has gained value and lots of people are consuming it as it is a toner and a powerful revitalizer.

Powerful root increasing the physical and mental endurance of their consumers.

Huerto Maria is pleased to provide a maca with high nutritional value, preserving the ancient ancestral cultures and protecting the origins of the   “Women and brave fighters” who work tirelessly to provide a product of international quality.

Available Maca: Maca flour & Maca gelatinized.

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  • Taste: Characteristic
  • Color: light yellow, purple, brown to black
  • Odor: No odor Size: 3-6 cm transverse diameter and 4-7 cm longitudinal
  • Quality: Organic Cocoa – Controlled and free of animal excreta

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Any other type of packaging that the client requires will be analyzed.

It will be done strictly respecting the flow chart, their respective sanitary and quality controls.

Store in cool, dry, ventilated, indoor areas, and on wooden platforms, protected from the sun.