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Acerca de Huerto María / About Huerto María



Our brand has its origins with the efforts of an 8 year old girl who had to leave school to work in the field. Integrated to the arduous and hard harvest work like many other women, she, dedicated all her efforts to improve her family situation. Motivated by the dedication of those women, who, like her, endured endless days and hours until the extreme tiredness of carrying their children in their blankets to avoid stopping the cultivation process. 

Like that, this girl understood the value and love that these women had for their ancestral cultures. This little girl grew up, and many years after, she decided to create ULEVA SAC, arising from a combination of her first name and her family name. The purpose of this community of producers was to change her people’s mentality regarding their vision of women demonstrating the value of their work and preserving their harvest traditions.

Years after, Huerto Maria was born thanks to this community: a brand which underlines the strength, courage and love of every women of this community, located in Tingo Maria– Huánuco– Peru. 

With this brand, we want to preserve our traditions coming from the year 1976, and to deliver ancestral quality products, but mainly to show the world that we are strong, brave and emancipated women.



Provide the world high quality and natural products cultivated traditionally, respecting our Incas’ ancient technics and permitting the Peruvian hard-working women to transmit their identity, values and ambitions through the products that Huerto Maria offers.


We want to become an internationally recognized brand, emphasizing the most representative products of our country, as the Maca, the Cacao and the Coffee.


Continuity with ancient harvest technics
Social and environmental responsability
100% Quality
Love and respect for our products

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